QTS100 Single Colour

QTS100 Single Colour The QTS is the latest light introduction from Underwater Lights LTD. This light is the next generation of the hugely popular QT-100, with an almost identical hole cut-out but with improved optics and LED’s. The lens has now reverted to its original flat design whilst still maintaining a 140 degree light spread.

The QTS is now also made out of Titanium which is a huge step-up from the previous Aluminum Bronze material used on all other high quality lights. Titanium is incredibly hard wearing, corrosion and electrolysis resistant and offers huge benefits to customers; that they never need to worry about their housing potentially corroding out of the boat should there be a boat in their marina with a electrolysis problem. Electrolysis has historically become a huge problem and there is very little a boat owner can do about other vessels emitting harmful voltage into the water which will affect all nearby vessel other than making sure their cathodic system is fully isolated which doesn’t always help save their metallic thru-hulls.

Another benefit of using Titanium in this manner is that this light can be installed on any hull material including aluminum, carbon fibre and steel thus eliminating the need for expensive welding making this s very quick and simple installation even on the largest projects.

The Titanium housing is available on the complete line of QTS models, from the LP1 low power unit, to the massive HP3 unit making the QTS available to any boat and any budget.

The QTS is being positioned to be the only light you will ever need from smaller 30-40’ cruisers to the largest 300+ ‘ Superyacht. With the QTS, there are 7 different options to choose from, single colors, dual color and color changing units all depending on your budget, output desires and boat requirements.


Lumens Up to 14,000 lumens
Voltage & Amps 10,000 lumens 12/24VDC 7-3.5 AMP - 14,000 lumens 24VDC ONLY @ 4AMP
Driver Integral
Control On/Off Switch
Glass Lens Borosilicate wide beam glass as standard
Beam Angle 140 Degrees
Installation Thru Hull
Material Titanium & 5083 ALU
Life Expectancy 40,000 hours

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