Marlin 75

Marlin 75 The Marlin 75 LED underwater light features an all in one driver technology with plug and play instal-lation. The light fixture produces 6,000 lumens of light power with a powerful ultra wide 140° degree beam angle. The Marlin LED is recommended for boats up to 65 feet with installation of each fixture between 2 - 4 feet apart. The Marlin is the brightest light of its size on the market, using the smallest hole cutout in the industry for a solid metal surface mount fixture making the Marlin a perfect plug and play light. Available in White and Blue the entire fixture is constructed from nickel plated AB2 bronze and can be bonded through the power cable, a safety feature no other light of this size can offer.


Lumens 6000 Lumens
Voltage & Amps 12-27 VDC, 3.6-1.8 amps
Driver Integral
Control On/Off Switch
Glass Lens Borosilicate wide beam glass
Beam Angle 140 degrees
Installation Surface Mounted
Material Aluminium Bronze
Life Expectancy 40,000 hours

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Installation & Instructions

1. With your purchase you will have the two surface mount lights and one IP68 connection enclosure.

2. Prior to drilling the 9mm cable hole ensure that there is internal space for sealing the cable.

3. It is important to locate the connection enclosure close to the cable entry and above the bilge so that you have good access to make the connections. A shorter cable will lower the cable volt drop. See pic-ture below for preparing cable to connection enclo-sure. Red is positive, Black is negative and Green is earth.

4. When the cable hole has been drilled screw the light gently to the hull. Then screw the connection enclosure to the safe location inside the hull and work a route for the light cable to the connection enclosure. Pass the cable into the connection enclo-sure and cut the cable to a length so that you can do the connection as shown.

5. It is your responsibility to run the correct size sup-ply cable (min 2.5mm sq) to the light connection enclosure. The connection enclosure has a 10 amp fuse that will protect the supply cable for two lamps at 12 volts. When you have connected the en-closure check you have the correct polarity.

6. Gently screw the lights to the hull and make the connection to the enclosure and switch on the lights to check they are working.

7. Remove the lights from the hull and coat the rear part of the light with 3M 4200 sealant and firmly screw the lights to the hull also seal the cable entries on the inside. When secure remove excess sealant and leave until sealant has cured.

8. During the sealant curing time connect the earth (as shown below)in the connector enclosure to the-cathodic protection anode using a single core 1.5mm sq cable.

9. Finally coat the light face with anti-fouling paint.