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Does it benefit answering the telephone? Thirty one years ago it did as it was a request to design an underwater light that could be installed into the transom of a 50m yacht.

1991 was when I started designing the underwater light, computers and drawing software were too expensive for me so pencils and drawing board were the tools to begin with. Fortunately my employment as a marine engineer and later as a surveyor for Lloyds Register of Shipping (LRS) gave me the knowledge of materials, naval architecture, thermo-dynamics and electrical/ optical designs.

Luck was on my side as General Electric had started manufacturing single ended metal halide lamps which were far more efficient than the halogen lamps of the time and they had an output of around 12,000 lumens. Porcelain lamp holders and high temperature/ voltage silicone cable were available. Everything you needed to make a light. After a few
days the design was completed and an application was made to LRS to approve the lights for installation into the 50m yacht (M.Y. Lady Marina). Sometime later M.Y. Lady Marina switched on her four underwater lights whilst she was at anchor in the Bay of Palma and after that every yacht wanted underwater lights.

Our next order was for 32 lights on a 100m yacht being built in Germany. The lights would be installed around the yacht. This required the addition of two new welds to compensate for the hull angle. The design and installation layout was approved by LRS. On reflection the 50m had her four lights on the stern and the next yacht had thirty two lights all the way round. There seemed no end to what one could do providing the system was safe and ‘Fit for Purpose’.

The first underwater light was called the BULLEYT and used a 150 watt metal halide lamp. Minor changes were
made to improve thermal and light output efficiency. In 2005 we started to test a 250 watt metal halide lamp
in the BULLEYT and found that the extra power and lumen output (19,000) did not work and deteriorated the overall efficiency. Basically the diameter of the glass lens (62.5mm) was too small and too much heat was generated. We increased the lens diameter to 75mm. and the insert diameter from 100mm to 120mm. These increases in size had to be made to our screwed version which are installed in composite hulls. These lights were known as the UL Ti MATE range. 

Having cracked how to use the metal halide lamp along came the LED with new underwater light companies entering the market. We started testing LEDs around 2004 and the first thing we noticed was the economic truth in the LED specifications. We took our time in coming to the market with an LED underwater light to ensure that all our R&D which had taken place produced a bright and reliable LED unit – the ‘QT Range’ which then followed on with our latest design of underwater lights – the ‘QTS’ range. 

The new QTS range has taken over 30 years of experience to develop and is arguably the most versatile and complete underwater light ever made for the marine industry. Designed in the simplest format possible to now accommodate a variety of light power outputs, Colour Options and Input Powers. Suitable for any boat from 20 meters up to the largest superyachts. 

The through hull QTS 100 is uniquely made from Titanium and can be used directly on metal hulls, subject to surveyor approval, as well as on composite/fiberglass hulls saving yards and installers hours/days on installation and potential warranty concerns through galvanic corrosion. 

The QTS 75 weldin/cofferdam is machined from 316L stainless steel or 5083 aluminium which is
Lloyds 3.2 certificated. 

Fitted with a toughened flat lens the beam angle is an ultra-wide 140 degrees perfect for running down the side of a yacht as well as along the stern. Available in low and high powers up to 25,000 lumens in blue, white, dual colour and colour change. 

The key to developing new products is to ensure that the older generation of Bulleyt and ULTiMATE can be upgraded with ease. The aim is to always keep the same threads and internal sizes to allow customers to upgrade units without hauling the boat. 

We also understand that some of our first boats, which still have the metal halide units installed, don’t want to upgrade to LED ‘as they still work’. We can still service these units with Original parts such as o-rings, gaskets, lamp holders etc to keep them going until the ballast or lamps no longer exist 30 years on.

At Underwater Lights Limited, we are busier than ever retrofitting all our previous bulb projects with LED simply by replacing the internals and electrics in an easy plug-and-play exercise. This leads me to mention the importance of the classification societies and MCA. The detail required for class type approval has significantly increased. Structural drawings, electrical and mechanical test reports, workshop approval, and installation information are just some of the
onerous benchmarks now required. Attending class surveyors always have the final say when it is a ‘Classed’ vessel, however, the flag of registration and their surveyors can have a say in all matters of construction and safety aspects and decide what is fit for purpose. 


The first few months of 2023 have been groundbreaking for Underwater Lights Ltd., still a family-owned business, as their new, purpose built 5000sq ft manufacturing facility, still called The Great Dunton Forge, has become operational. 

As the business had grown over the years it was realised that a new machining, testing and assembly plant would be required to keep up with the growing demand for their products. The team at Underwater Lights use Auto-cad and have also been fully trained in the use of Rhino, the latest 3D module used by designers and naval architects working on new projects. This enables the design for a new lights placement to be inserted directly onto Rhino to reveal the beam pattern
of the light.

This year has also seen the launch of the new EXD underwater light and the implementation of ISO9001 that guarantees clients the best of quality and service. The purchase of a fourth Mazak CNC turning machine also means they can keep up with the increasing demand for retro fit units with almost immediate supply.

The story of Underwater Lights began back in 1991 when founder and M.D. Peter Urquhart designed the Original underwater light. His experience as a Chief Marine Engineer (1966-1976) drove him to gain his 1st. Class Steam and Motor Certificate, giving him in-depth knowledge of ship building materials, naval architecture, thermo-dynamics and electrical engineering. Later he became a Lloyds Registered surveyor, which gave him the insight and understanding of Rules and Regulations for ships and special craft. All very useful for the design and installation procedures for
his lights.

The very first underwater light was called the BULLEYT and used a 150 watt metal halide lamp. Over time minor changes were made to improve thermal and light output efficiency and in 2005 a 250 watt metal halide lamp in the BULLEYT was tested and it was found that the extra power and lumen output (19,000) did not work and deteriorated the overall efficiency. Basically, the diameter of the glass lens (62.5mm) was too small and too much heat was being generated.
This led to an increase in lens diameter to 75mm and the insert diameter from 100mm to 120mm. These increases in size had to be made to the screwed version installed in composite hulls. These lights were known as the ULTiMATE range. The company began using LED’s and 2010 saw the launch of the QTLED range and retro fitting
the old bulb system to LED began. The key to developing new products is to ensure that the older generation of BULLEYT and ULTiMATE can be upgraded with ease. The aim is to always keep the same threads and internal sizes to allow clients to upgrade their units without hauling the boat.

32 years on and Underwater Lights Ltd. developed the QTS range which is arguably the most versatile and complete underwater light ever made for the marine industry. Designed in the simplest format possible the lights now accommodate a variety of light power outputs, colour options and input powers making them suitable for any boat from 20m up to the largest superyachts.

The through hull QTS-100 & QT-80-Ti is uniquely made from Titanium and can be used directly on metal hulls, subject to surveyor approval, as well as carbon fibre and composite/fiberglass hulls saving yards and installers hours, if not days, on installation and potential warranty concerns through galvanic corrosion.

The QTS-75 weldin/cofferdam is machined from 316L stainless steel or 5083 aluminium which is Lloyds 3.2 certificated. Fitted with a toughened flat lens the LED beam angle is 100 degrees , perfect for running down the side of a yacht as well as along the stern. Available in low and high powers up to 25,000 lumens in blue, white and RGB+W. This light also includes an internal ball adjustment for the LED which allows a universal 20 degree beam adjustment. A QTE140 is now in development, derived from the QTS-75 it has an insert diameter of 140mm which will allow for further beam adjustment and a wider beam angle that will punch more light into the ocean.

Underwater Lights Ltd. also understand that some of their first boats, which still have the metal halide units installed, don’t want to upgrade to LED ‘as they still work’. They can still service these units with original parts such as O-rings, gaskets, lamp holders etc but the 150watt ballast and Philips MSD 150watt lamp have now been discontinued and they have very limited stock left after buying up all that they could. This has led them to encourage boats with the
old metal halide system to upgrade to LED in the future.

They are now busier than ever, retrofitting all of their previous bulb projects with LED simply by removing the existing projector and ballast and replacing with the new LED projector and drivers – all possible whilst the boat is still in the water using the existing weldins. The underwater light for composite hulls you just remove the internal parts and replace with the LED heat sink which have integral driver for D.C power and remote for the high powered LED. The original hull fitting can be used and the installation can be carried out by the engineers onboard without drydocking the yacht Underwater Lights Ltd. can also upgrade many of their competitor products. Captains often contact them to replace an existing, third party, system with their LED lights having used them on a previous boat with minimal issues, with 100% customer satisfaction and service. You can be assured that our service for maintaining the lights will continue for as long as the yacht is in service.

It is worth mentioning the importance of the classification societies and MCA. The detail required for class type approval has significantly increased in recent years. Structural drawings, electrical and mechanical test reports, workshop approval, and installation information are just some of the onerous benchmarks now required. Attending class surveyors always have the final say when it is a ‘Classed’ vessel, however, the flag of registration and their surveyors can have a say in all matters of construction and safety aspects and decide what is fit for purpose.


The simplest solution is always the best. But, of course over 29 years of experience in developing underwater light does help.

Still captained by its founder Peter Urquhart, the company has always striven to lead this competitive industry with innovative products, created through meticulous R&D. Urquhart explains the journey so far, “When I designed and built a light for my first customer back in 1991, I had no idea that marine lighting was going to become my life. Throughout the past 29 years we have managed to keep the same ethos we started with, by building exciting R&D lead products and  supplying a personal service to our customers - that is why I believe we are trusted by the world’s leading shipyards.”

Underwater lighting has over the past 10 years become a must have item on boats and yachts of all sizes. There are a plethora of companies offering vast product ranges to accommodate all hull types, boat styles and purposes from night time fishing to just looking good at the dock. However, they believe the market has become saturated with simply too many options and owners and captains are often left baffled by the choices.

Finance Director, Klare Urquhart says, “We’ve always kept our product range limited and it’s a welcome relief for new
customers that there is not this steep learning curve to understand our product names and hierarchy and how they compare to what is out there.”

This year though, they launched the QTS100 thru hull model, which arguably is the last underwater light you’ll ever need and has the potential to supersede their entire lineup. The new QTS100 model, represents 30 years of experience and is the most versatile and complete underwater light ever made for the marine industry in the simplest format possible.
One generic housing now accommodates every option by simply swapping out inserts. 

Each insert gives a variety of options: 

  • Light power outputs from 10,000 lumens up to a massive 25,000
  • Color options – white, blue, dual color and full color change
  • Input powers from 12/24vDC to 110/240vAC

This makes the thru hull QTS model suitable for any pleasure boat from 40’ up to the largest 300’+ superyacht.

Made from titanium, instead of the traditional naval bronze or stainless steel, the light can now be used directly on metal hulls (subject to Surveyor Approval) as well as composite/fibreglass hulls saving yards and installers hours/days on installation.

This also alleviates a number of potential warranty concerns around dissimilar metals through galvanic corrosion.

Fitted with a highly toughened, flat lens the beam angle is an ultra wide 130 degrees which is perfect for running down the side of a yacht as well as across the stern. 

The next few months will also see the launch of the QTS-75 weldin which packs an incredible 25,000 lumens punch, making it the smallest and brightest LED underwater light on the market. This light will feature an adjustable beam angle.

All the old models of our underwater lights including the small and large screwed Bulleyts, UL Ti MATE 75’s and 80’s can
be retrofitted to LED. Our main aim is to always keep the same threads and internal sizes for as many years as possible to allow customers to upgrade units without having to haul the boat.

Urquhart concluded, “Twenty- years on, all those original lights I made for that first superyacht, still work every single
day by the way!” 

Naturally the entire range is Lloyds Type approved and benefits from 30 years in the field design and real world testing, indeed the very first lights fitted back in 1991 are still in operation to this day, a true testament of solid design and engineering.

Everything has led to this being the most comprehensive underwater light for the market at a price point that sets the new standard for the industry. Underwater Lights Limited continued to machine and produce underwater lights all the
way through Covid 19 to supply yards all over the world.


August 2019, Sevenoaks, Kent, UK - Underwater Lights Limited has developed another market leading underwater LED marine light taking the standard for the industry to yet another level; their new QTS-100 is small in size yet powerful enough to project a brilliant 20,000 lumens of light output - enough for the largest of composite Superyachts yet compact enough for a mid size runabout.


Making its debut at the prestigious Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show this November, the QTS-100 is small in size with a low enough profile to allow it to be flush-mounted in nearly any location on the hull or transom.

The QTS-100 is available in 3 formats and is designed with a hole cut-out of 74mm making upgrading to LED technology easy and without costly hull repairs. It’s proven AB2 housing construction has been a solid performer for 27 years throughout the Underwater Lights Limited product range.

The QTS-100 Internal is the DC model which has a lumen output of 10,000 and is recommended for composite boats up to 30m/100ft. You can space each fixture between 1-5 meters/3-9 ft apart for the best even illumination as it has a standard 140 degree beam angle providing a wide-spreading light pattern preventing dark spots between fixtures. It is controlled by a standard on/off switch with a 11-28V DC power range and is available in a single color white and blue or the new dual color white/blue option.

The QTS-100 External is The AC version (110-240vac) and has an external driver which provides the brightest light output of 20,000 lumens. Suitable for vessels over 20 meters/65 feet with the same 140 degree beam angle. It is controlled by a standard on/off switch and is available in white and blue.

The QTS-100 RGBW is the full color change model available in both DC or AC. Powered via an external driver which is controlled via a DMX controller (sold separately).

QTS-100 joins an impressive line-up of underwater marine lighting products from Underwater Lights Limited including retro-fit models meaning any vessel already equipped with underwater lighting can be easily upgraded to the latest LED technology without hauling.

The complete QTS-100 range has been Lloyds certified for test and design pressures to 100 and 25 bar.

Come see the new QTS-100 and meet the Underwater Lights Limited team in the Superyacht pavillions at the Fort Lauderdale International Boatshow booth #692 and booth #10.104 at the Metstrade Show in Amsterdam.

Brilliant ideas from Underwater Lights with brightest LED yet!

British marine lighting specialists launch new products and 'ease of installation' solutions


March 12th 2015 : Sevenoaks, Kent, United Kingdom - Underwater Lights Limited announce new products combined with advanced techniques for 'retro' installation, giving shipbuilders and boat owners yet more opportunities to illuminate their vessels. Over the winter a 100 and 160 metre Superyachts have been upgraded to the high powered Retro underwater lights without hauling the boats from the water.

Light up the ocean with the QT LED 75 and 130 by Underwater Lights™

Underwater Lights Cute Technology

With the ‘spotlight’ firmly on the Yacht Refit industry, Underwater Lights Limited remain the number one choice for deck and underwater lights. Recent projects include the stunning ‘Il Vagabondo’, utilising the powerful QT LED 75 underwater lights fitted by Ursa Shipyards, Turkey.

Chosen for their illumination, ease of installation and modular design, the LED light range from the renowned British company continues to be used worldwide by large shipyards and individual customers alike in both new commissions and refits.

With ultra high levels of luminosity, 9600 lumens, these LED lights have an incredibly long lifespan of 40,000 hrs, both all important criteria in this environment. The unique lens collects and focuses the light from the LED chip into a crisp 87 degree light beam that makes the QT LED 75 stand out from our competitors. The same LED is fitted to the QT LED 130 for installation into composite (G.R.P and Carbon Fibre) hulls.

'Cute Technology' FROM Underwater Lights™ With New QT80 Range

Underwater Lights Cute Technology

Underwater Lights Limited expand ‘Cute in Size Big on Light’ philosophy as they unveil the ‘QT80’ range of submersible marine lights.

Produced to exacting R+D standards, the QT range is an expansion of the current UL TI MATE underwater light range from this world renowned marine lighting company.

These ‘through hull’ submersible marine lights have been tested to 10 bar pressure and are suitable for installation in both GRP-fiberglass and wooden hulls. The light housing Bezel is created from super tough Aluminium Bronze and 5083 Aluminium whilst the lens is produced from Borosilicate glass, with all components surpassing industry norms.

The LED lamp itself has a 20,000 hour light life (at 60 C degrees) and delivers 5,500 lumens of output. The LED has a choice of light colors and is available with three different types of lenses for a range of beam widths.

This light system has been specifically produced to be driven at low outputs to suit boat battery power whilst maintenance of the LED is carried out from inside the hull.

The QT80 range of lights add to Underwater Lights Limited impressive product portfolio designed for owners of small tenders up to the World’s greatest Superyachts. Shipyards the world over have come to trust the quality of the Underwater Lights brand, with the company’s products being featured on such outstanding, award-winning superyachts as the MY Anna, MY Solemar, MY Llona, SY Maltese Falcon, MY Kismet and MY Serque.

To find out more about the QT range of lights visit www.qtled.com

Underwater Lights™ Limited products are produced in Marine Grade high-pressure tested materials including 316L Stainless Steel , Aluminium 5083, Aluminium-Bronze, Titanium and complex plastics.


  • LED lamp life - 20,000 hours @ 60° C
  • Bezel Material - Aluminium Bronze & 5083 ALU.
  • Glass lens - Borosilicate wide beam glass as standard
  • VDC. LED Driver - Min 22- Max 28vdc maximum current 3.3 amps
  • Mains Power LED Driver -100-265vac. Output 24vdc, maximum current 3amps
  • Lamp types - Single LED chip- 5,500 lm- 7,200K (Cool White)

For more information on Underwater Lights™ Limited and for high-resolution images please contact: Harley Stephens – underwaterlights@holeshotpr.com (Tel: 01732 761006 / Mobile: 07943 059985).

For technical or business queries contact Klare Urquhart - klare@underwaterlights.com Tel : 01732 455753.


  • Underwater Lights™ Limited : Manufacturers of the Original Underwater Lights™ brand- Marine Lighting Products since 1991
  • Underwater Lights™ supply lighting equipment to some of the world’s most prestigious shipbuilders
  • Underwater Lights™ is committed to research and development to stay at the forefront of marine industry technology
  • Underwater Lights™ has an unrivalled reputation for aftersales care and prompt response times
  • Underwater Lights™ has a worldwide distribution network with regional offices in the following territories; France- Saim Marine and Kent Marine, Germany- Underwater Lights™ GmbH, Greece- Mar Cruising, Italy- Saim S.p.A Italy, Norway- Br. Hukkelberg, Spain- Total Marine Taiwan- Euro Marine Supplies, Turkey- Neva Marine Ltd, UK- Atlantis Marine, USA- Underwater Lights™ Limited, Inc.
  • Underwater Lights™ Limited Inc and Underwater Lights™ GmbH are a linked, wholly owned company, no other company shares this affiliation or own rights to Underwater Lights™ Limited products
  • For more information on all products and company, visit www.underwaterlights.com

Plasma Technology - Underwater Lights™ Limited Leads The Way!

Leading Marine lighting company Underwater Lights™ Limited is proud to unveil their ‘PLASMA’ lighting range which they will be showcasing at the world renowned Fort Lauderdale and METS Marine shows.

With shipbuilders and owners looking for the latest technology, Underwater Lights™ Limited have developed this industry leading lighting system with the company looking for feedback during the Marine exhibition period.

Not only do Plasma lights have a distinctive look all of their own, the latest generation of plasma lighting is the most energy-efficient light source for outdoor, commercial and industrial lighting. This is due not only to their high system efficiency but also to the small light source they present, enabling very high luminaire efficiency.

Underwater Lights™ Limited have also developed a 100watt flat chip adjustable LED underwater light and the new flush underwater light for sailing yachts and GRP hulls.

Underwater Lights™ Limited welcome all visitors and feedback at FLIBS (Stand 790) and METS Stand - (Superyacht Pavilion 10-104) events.

Shipyards the world over have come to trust the quality of the Underwater Lights™ brand, with the brand’s products being featured on such outstanding, award-winning superyachts as the MY Anna, MY Solemar, MY Ilona, SY Maltese Falcon, MY Kismet and MY Serque.

The luxurious, 132 foot Serque features six elegant staterooms, wood panelling throughout, a six-person spa, two jet skis and a 47 Intrepid Sport Yacht for diving and fishing. Refitted at the Fort Lauderdale Marine Centre, this magnificent yacht now has 32 UL Ti MATE 75 SA 150 watt Underwater Lights™ installed. The exterior of the boat is shown off by the LED lighting, along with a range of downlights and mastlights.

Underwater Lights™ Ltd products are produced in Marine Grade high-pressure tested materials including 316L Stainless Steel , Aluminium 5083, Aluminium-Bronze, Titanium and complex plastics.

MY SERQUE Refit Completed

The 132 foot Motor Yacht Serque is the latest vessel to be added to Underwater Lights™ Limited’s portfolio. Peter Urquhart, renowned for his design work on MY ANNA and MY Solemar, has now produced the exterior light design for Serque.

Recently refitted at the Fort Lauderdale Marine Center, this magnificent yacht now has 32 UL Ti MATE 75 SA underwater lights installed. The exterior of the boat is shown off by the LED lighting, along with the range of downlights and mastlights.

New from Underwater Lights™ Limited - Interactive Product Brochure

We have developed an interactive product brochure showcasing our entire range of original Underwater Lights™, which is available online or on CD.

Click here to view online, or call us on +44 (0) 1732 455753 and we'll send you the CD version.

The Original Underwater Lights™ by Underwater Lights™ Limited expand to the USA

Underwater Lights™ Limited, makers of the original Underwater Lights™ since 1991, have further extended their distribution network by opening an office in Dania Beach, Florida.

The Original ‘through-hull’ submersible lights from Underwater Lights™ Limited, are now available from the company’s new subsidiary, Underwater Lights™ Limited, Inc, based at the Royale Palm Yacht Basin in Dania Beach, just south of Fort Lauderdale, USA.

Manufacturing of the lights continues to take place at Underwater Lights™ GmbH, based in Bremen, Germany, to ensure that the highest quality product is produced for customers worldwide.

The new US company is headed up by Martyn Bignall who has vast experience in the marine industry, as well as in sales and marketing. He has worked on the construction of world-class offshore powerboats and one-off race yachts and was involved in the launch of a matched resin system for boatbuilding.

In 1989 he established Martel Composites in the UK, latterly known as Martel Wessex Composites Ltd after the buy-in of shares from Wessex Resins and Adhesives. Martyn resigned from that company in 2004 to establish another marine panel manufacturing business in the US.

For further information contact Martyn in the USA on 001 954 663 9450.

- ends -

Note for Editors

For further information, please contact:

Klare Urquhart
Underwater Lights™ Limited
Great Dunton Forge, London Road, Dunton Green, Kent TN13 2TD
Tel. +44 (0)1732 455 753 Fax. +44 (0)1732 743 233
Email. uwl@underwaterlights.com

Underwater Lights™ Limited and Underwater Lights USA, LLC Joint Statement

Atlantis Marine Power win award from Sunseeker at the Southampton Boatshow

Underwater Lights™ Limited would like to congratulate Atlantis Marine Power Ltd, our sole UK distributor, on being honoured in the Sunseeker Supplier of the Year List with the Bronze Award for Quality, Delivery, Customer Service and Innovation during the ceremony at the Southampton Boat Show. Atlantis Marine Power have worked in partnership with Underwater Lights Limited supplying many large boatbuilders in the UK with the original Underwater Lights™ for the past 5 years.

Paul Lakey, Managing Director of AMP Ltd, receiving the award from
Robert Braithwaite MBE, CEO of Sunseeker International

SY Maltese Falcon with the Original Underwater Lights™ Brand of submersible 'through hull' lights installed.

Pictures courtesy of George Gill.

The original Underwater Lights™ are now available in Italy and Norway

Underwater Lights™ Limited, makers of the original Underwater Lights™ since 1991, have further extended their distribution network in Europe by signing new distribution contracts for Italy and Norway.

Milan based Saim S.p.A, has exclusive distribution for Italy, San Marino, Monaco, Malta and Croatia with immediate effect. The contract also extends into France on a non-exclusive basis. Saim S.p.A provides a complete range of nautical components through a network of 120 dealers and develops customised solutions through its skilled team of R&D engineers.

The products designed and manufactured by Underwater Lights™ Ltd are also now available in Norway through Brödr. Hukkelberg based in Aukra, which has a 60 year history of shipbuilding in the region. Both firms will carry the UL Ti MATE range of Underwater Lights™, comprising of the UL Ti MATE 80 and the adjustable UL Ti MATE 75 SA and UL Ti MATE 130 SA.

Peter Urquhart, founder and CEO of Underwater Lights™ Limited, which is based in UK, said of the move “I am delighted to announce these additions to our fast expanding distribution network, and I am sure that both partnerships will enable us to improve the service we offer to our important European customers”.

Saim S.p.A
Via Donizetti 9/11
20090 Assago, Milan

T. 00 39 02 48853.381
F. 00 39 02 45703070
E. click here to send email
W. www.saim-group.com

Br. Hukkelberg
6480 Aukra

T. 00 47 711 718 00
F. 00 47 711 748 99
E. click here to send email
W. www.hukkelberg.no

MY Ilona wins 'Best Motoryacht Over 43 Meters' Award

Underwater Lights™ Limited would like to congratulate Redman Whiteley Dixon Design, Amels and all concerned in the build of MY Ilona which has recently won the the “Best Motoryacht Over 43 Meters” award presented on February 16 2006 at the Miami International Boat Show.

MY Ilona has the original Underwater Lights™ installed which was designed, manufactured and supplied directly by Underwater Lights™ Limited UK. Peter Urquhart, Managing Director, of Underwater Lights™ Limited also worked closely with Amels in obtaining Lloyd's Approval for specially designed underwater lights which were installed in the fuel tanks.